If you know exactly what you are after please scroll down the page, if you are not sure of the motor type you are using please read the following.

If you are unsure of where to start with controllers and motors and are unsure what you need please look at our controller and motor info page or give us a ring on 01282 613646 as we are always happy to help.

All controllers include the basic handset for its type fitted with a one metre lead. To order a controller hover over the speed controller link to the right and select which size of controller you would like.

All of our controllers, even the dynamic braking ones, allow the motors to coast meaning that on the level or downhills you dont need to apply power and more importantly it means that if you let off slightly on the power the controller doesnt try and apply full braking to bring you down to the selected speed. On our dynamic braking controllers you physically tell it how much braking to apply.

All our controllers come equipped for permanent magnet motors, the most common type of motor which have magnets built in to them and only two wires coming out. Please note some motors (especially wheelchair motors) come equipped with a brake, this brake can be taken off or if you want, shunt wires can be added to release the brake while the controller is turned on. Shunt wires can also be used to turn other accessories on and off with the controller.
We can supply shunt, series and compound motors at additional cost:-

Shunt +2.50  (These wires turn on and off with the controller so are ideal for releasing motor brakes and turning auxiliary supplies on or off)
60A Series +8
100A series +14.00
60A Compound +10
100A compound +16.00

Soft start controllers 12 or 24v     33.68
Suitable for approx 60A max but it has been pushed to 120A before now.
The soft start controller comes with a plug in lead that turns the controller on, allows you to select direction and a micro switch to apply power. The soft start provides a low power supply for a couple of seconds to get the motor rolling slowly then puts it into full speed mode. It also comes with a resistor that needs bolting to a heatsink (we can supply at a cost of 4.50), the resistor needs matching to the motors you are using.20140121_132353

12 or 24V 30 amp speed controllers 145 x 95 x 50mm reversing. 110 x 60 x 31mm non-reversing, controller fitted with two mounting studs M4 x 12mm

Ideal for small machine use and locos up to 150w on small gauges (max 3.5")

38.13 Non reversing permanent magnet
72.89 Reversing permanent magnet.
3.27 Recommended circuit breaker 20A panel mount

12 or 24v 60 amp speed controllers 145 x 95 x 50mm, fitted with two mounting studs M5 x12mm

 Ideal for up to 500w on 24v and 250w on 12v for locos, kiddie cars etc

67.23 Non reversing permanent magnet
88.85 Reversing P.M.
115.53 Reversing P.M with Dynamic braking
11.88 Recommended circuit breaker 32A din rail mount
18.00 Circuit breaker for dual system 32A din rail mount

12 or 24v 100 amp speed controllers 190 x 120 x 55mm, fitted with two mounting studs M5 x 12mm
Ideal for up to 1000w on 24v and 500w on 12v for locos, kiddie cars etc

125.15 Non reversing permanent magnet
147.25 Reversing P.M.
183.31 Reversing P.M with dynamic braking
11.88 Recommended circuit breaker 40A din rail mount
18.00 Circuit breaker for dual system 40A din rail mount

Please note that the circuit breaker is not there as protection to prevent the controller from being damaged, the circuit breaker is there to prevent a fire or motors under extreme load from causing damage to the loco, train and the public.
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The dimensions given do not include the mounting studs.

30A non reversing30A_non_reverse

30A reversing and 60A60a_control

100A controller100a_control

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