Welcome to our "coming soon" page, here we will give a quick rundown and estimated prices of the new products and their features that are currently in development.

200A multivoltage speed controller - prototype is almost finished ready for testing
We are finally entering the higher power side of things with our new 200A speed controller. It will be fitted with current detection to prevent overloads and a working voltage of anywhere between 12 and 48 volts. Simply wire up the number of batteries you need and the system will sort itself out. What you put in you get back out again. around the 300 mark is to be ecpected.

Pedal loco - prototype almost finished, just kinks to work out
We all like to drive around a track but only by pedalling your way round can you truly see where the hard bits are. We have designed a pedal powered rail vehicle ideal for those that want something a little more fun and indeed for those who would like to combine their hobby with their health. The idea is that you sit down low with a back rest and arm rests to hold you firmly in place, the gearing is worked out so that with a cadence of 60RPM (about average for most people) the top speed will about 8-9mph but we are looking at fitting a 3 speed internal gear box that means in top gear you may be able to do in the region of 12mph with bottom to help you up those long drags. And of course if you put your foot down so to speak you may be able to hit triple that thanks to the low rolling resistance of steel wheels on rail and to help you stop there will be two disk brakes, one on each axle.  Estimates put this at around 500

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