We are a family business based in Nelson, Lancashire. We originally started out supplying electronics out of the back of a caravan to the other members of our club.

This led us into supplying electronic control units for our other hobby, Miniature railways. We are now a major supplier of electronics, motors, transmission, springs etc to the model engineering hobby.

We also deal in industrial electronics and will design and manufacture circuit boards within our mill to meet the specifications set by our customer. We currently provide this service for multiple companies and amongst other we supply control gear for electronic golf trolleys and electronic shooting galleries as well as the control gear for car roof based wheelchair loaders and swing out seats for disabled drivers/passengers

We are able to manufacture one off or small batch items for your requirements such as layshafts with sprockets mounted, mounting bars for speed controllers, Wheel sets, bored sprockets, spring mountings, turned axles with shoulders. We do not ask for full payment up front however we do require a deposit equal to the value of the parts. (for example two sprockets on a layshaft would be a deposit equal to the value of the two sprockets and the value of the layshaft material).

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