All our 5" gauge locos are designed built in house by us and incorporate everything needed to run barring the batteries.
They are all fitted with our custom made 12v 150w British built Parvalux motors, these are the most up to date version of the 25 year tried and tested, commercial standard traction motor and not a cheap chinese alternative.
All the locos are designed to run on 24v and as such the motors effective power is raised to 600W each.

We are looking at adding to our range with multiple different size locomotives. All are more than likely going to be freelance.

Please click the image to go to that locos page.

12 or 24v powered axle

axle_top1x 150w motor (600w on 24V)
5 mph on 12v
10mph on 24v
4" dia wheels
10mm dia axle ends for bearing (recommend 6001-2rs, axle boxes not included)
180 - free shipping per our terms

12 or 24v powered bogie
bogie_side_show2x 150w motor (600w on 24V)
5 mph on 12v
10mph on 24v
Oilite bushes on motor mounts
bogie_bottom_useSealed roller bearings in the axle boxes
Folded 6mm main frame with 4mm end braces
No welded joints to worry about
55KG loading half way point on suspension
10mm bolt pivot hole
440 each - free shipping per our terms

24V twin axle powered starter chassis
STARTER_CHASSIS_SIDE2 x 150W motors (600W each on 24v)
1 x 24v 60A speed controler
Geared for 10 MPH
6-8 People capacity
Painted black
590mm long (plus couplings) 260mm wide and 135mm tall
Suspension takes up to 2 x 88Ah batteries.
670 Ready to run - free shipping per our terms
40 optional horn

"Sprite" twin axle locomotive

Sprite is our smallest locomotive utilising the bogies off imp. It measures just 16" long and 9" wide to give a very small industrial locomotive at a very competitive price while maintaining a high standard on control and motors.
Weighing just 21Kg without its battery it is also a nicely weighted model for those that require something that can be easily moved around.

RTR in a choice of colours at 850
40 optional horn

"Elf" twin axle locomotive

The Elf utilises the powered starter chassis to give a nice small industrial locomotive at a very competitive price while maintaining a high standard on control and motors. The spec is identical to the above chassis barring the height which is now 505mm.
1100 Ready to run
40 optional horn

"Pixie" Triple axle locomotive

pixie_side_show "Pixie" which is  a triple axle version of the above with an offset cab and long and short nose along with an extra motor and larger controller to accomodate up to 12 people worth of pulling power.
1350 Ready to run
40 optional horn

"Imp" Bogie locomotive

imp_side_show"Imp" uses two of our powered starter chassis cut down into bogies with a chassis connecting the two turning them into a large bogie industrial locomotive with 4 motors and a 100A controller. Imp is a solidly built loco weighing in at 170KG with 4  88Ah batteries fitted allowing for plenty of peassenger carrying ability  Price  1800

Coming soon

"centaur" is set to be another bogie locomotive this time based around using two of the "Pixie" chassis to creat a very large bogie locomotive with 6 motors and multiple controllers giving a capacity (track dependant) of at least 20 passengers. Price TBC ~ 2600

"Wraith" will be our largest ready to run 5" gauge locomotive. Utilising two of our 16NM high torque 1HP motors, one per 4 wheel bogie, geared for roughly 8mph this will result in a torque level of approximately 120 lb ft of torque. More than most cars have. Meaning it should easily pull well over 30 people. Grip will be the biggest hurdle. Price TBC ~ 3000
Coming soon
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