The controllers are designed to give a trouble free life and will continue to do so as long as they are not overloaded or left in poor conditions.

All our standard controllers are protected against reverse battery connections, some styles of handsets are not polarity protected.
All controllers include the basic handset for its type fitted with a one metre lead. To order a controller hover over the speed controller link to the right and select which size of controller you would like.

All of our controllers allow the motors to coast when moving, this means that even our regen braking controllers don't aply braking automatically when you let off on the power control, as is standard gauge practice, this conserves energy and allows the batteries to last longer, the other advantage is that the motors generate current when used on dynamic braking and quite a lot of it which means a constant braking controller can generate a lot of heat which could cause damage, on our controllers you tell the braking circuit how much you want from o brake to 100% brake.

All our controllers come equipped for permanent magnet motors, the most common type of motor which have magnets built in to them and only two wires coming out. Please note some motors (especially wheelchair motors) come equipped with a brake, this brake can be taken off or if you want, shunt wires can be added to release the brake while the controller is turned on. Shunt wires can also be used to turn other accessories on and off with the controller.

The apparent over rating of the controllers (when you consider that a 1HP motor on 24v is 31 amps) is because of something a lot of people don't realise, most motors, barring fan motors, are wound to provide torque at start up and to achieve this torque they take quite a bit more current at the bottom end. This current can be between 2 and 6 times the amount that the motor is actually rated for.

We normally recommend no more than the following number of motors be put on each controller:-

30A controller
1x 12v 150w motor, we very rarely recommend this for loco use unless the motor is well geared down (3-4mph)

60A controller
1x 12v 150w motor geared for around 10MPH
2x 12v 150w motors geared for around 8MPH
4x 12v 150w motors geared for around 8MPH, two pairs in series (see dia below)

100A controller
3x 12v 150w motor geared for around 10mph
4x 12v 150w motor geared for around 7-8mph normal 5" practice is to run at 24v
6x 12v 150w motor geared for around 10mph 3 pairs in series (see dia below)
1x 24v 750w motor geared for around 8mph

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