Single Pole  2 Position 3 Position 3 Position biased
 1/2" 10 Amp  90p (3 amp only) 3.46 3.50
 1/4" 3 Amp  1.05 1.19 1.05
 Double Pole
 1/2" 10 Amp 7.40 on/off or on/on  8.99  12.26
 1/4" 3 amp  1.53 1.81 5.11
 Rocker On / off  On / on
SPST  Black, green or red 71p  Black 1.10  Waterproof boots 23p
SPST  Round red 73p
DPST  Black, green or red  1.43  Black  1.84  Mains illuminated 1.33
 Pushbuttons  Push to on
 7mm hole    Red, yellow, blue, green, white or black  27p
 12mm hole  Black or red 66p
  All 3 amp, 5/8" mounting, key removable in one position
 SPDT  Random or common key 6.50 each
 DPDT  Random or common key  7.50 each
Dust caps 80p each. .
Black spherical plastic knobs
 10mm dia, M3 thread   1.25  19mm dia, M 5 thread   81p
 12mm dia, M4 thread   1.25  25mm dia, M6 thread    84p
 16mm dia, M4 thread   71p

All prices include VAT

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