Replacement Handsets
Non reversing    14.21
Reversing     20.34
Braking reversing    26.43

There are a variety of extras
that can be added to your speed controller/handset, the prices on the "speed controllers" page is for the controller and a basic handset.

Horn button       6.13
Two tone horn button    6.64   (not braking controllers)
Two tone horn button    14.30  (braking controllers)
Deadman button    2.55   suitable for any controller
Battery State Indicator 12 or 24V    26.50
Plug to chassis socket extension leads    13.50  up to 1M
plug to plug lead for connecting controllers   15.50   up to 1M
Extra cable for handsets and extensions    1.80 per M
curly cable, stretches from 0.5 to 1.5M     7.15

Speed controllers can be supplied with dual sockets, this makes it easy to connect multiple controllers at 14.30 per controller, this is 25 extra if added later.

Dynamic braking fitted to existing controller.
60A controller braking added    45.00  plus handset
100A controller braking added  65.00  plus handset
Joystick handsets can be altered to dynamic braking for 16each.
Ordinary handsets (with a rotary knob control) can not be altered and a new handset will have to be purchased at the "bought without controller" price

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