• Can coast as long as they are not turned off
  • Dynamic braking does not alter the coasting ability
  • Dynamic braking is fully variable from a little to emergency
  • Can be overloaded by up to 25%
  • Dynamic braking can not fully stop a motor, mechanical brake is recommended
  • We can offer multiple controller connectivity to allow more controllers/locos to be connected together and work off a single handset
  • power ratings and uses, this depends on many factors including the motor stall current and is representative not a maximum:-
    • 12v 30a - up to 150w small machinery, golf trolleys etc
    • 24v 30a - up to 300w small machinery, golf trolleys etc
    • 12v 60a - up to 300w loco, kiddy car use etc
    • 24v 60a - up to 600w loco, kiddy care use etc
    • 12v 100a - up to 500w loco, kiddy car use etc
    • 24v 100a - up to 1000w loco, kiddy car use etc
    • In our application most motors will achieve their maximum top speed (no load speed).
    • Our motors are given at their maximum speed and are permanent magnet.
    • Many motors are rated at their working speed not maximum speed. For example the Bosch 1HP (a common motor) spec sheet shows "24v 750w 3600RPM nominal" but this simply means that it can do 750w worth of work at 3600RPM not that that is the maximum speed. The maximum speed of this motor is 4200RPM.
    • Traction motors can take between 3 and 6 times their rated current at start up, hence why a 30a controller is no good on a 750w 24v motor (which works out at 31.25a, though truthfully closer to 40a due to inefficiency).
    • At maximum speed all motors achieve 0% efficiency.
    • As a rough idea is it takes 1HP to move 1 ton at 10MPH


    • We never recommend you gear a loco faster than it will be used, the old adage of "I'll gear it faster than needs be so that if I come to a hill it has some in reserve" is completely untrue. If driving a car and struggling up a hill in second you wouldn't go up into 5th just so you have more revs in reserve, the same goes for motors.
    • Motors offer the highest battery life if the gearing allows them to achieve full speed.
    • gearing for track speed also offers more torque than gearing for a higher speed allowing an easier life on the battery, motor and controller and allowing heavier loads to get rolling.
    • If using 3000RPM motors and you use an 8t sprocket on the motor and the largest possible on the axle your speed will be equal to the chain/sprocket pitch in mm. 8mm chain = 8MPH. 3/8" chain = 10MPH. 1/2" chain = 12.7MPH
    • Chains allow you to drive multiple axles from one motor or get the motor away from the axle to make brakes etc easier, you can also drive high powered motors through chains. They do however need a mechanical tensioner as the rollers will initially wear and the chain will "stretch" it also requires regular oiling.Chain is forgiving if things are no 100% lined up.
    • Gears allow you to get a motor tucked in close to the axle between the back to back of the wheel sets which makes for a nice compact system, however only one axle can be driven per motor due to the size constraints. Gears do not need oiling as the delrin surface on the driven gear provides a suitable self lubricating surface. The centre to centre is easy to work out and they don't wear so mounting brackets are easy to make but if not quite lined up gears can be stripped. 
    • To work out the centre to centre for gears you simply add the number of teeth on each gear together and divide by 2, this gives the c-c in mm.
    • a gears physical diameter in mm is its number of teeth plus 2.
    • To work out axle RPM for the speed you want along with your tread diameter in inches use : (MPH x 336) / D
    • To work out axle RPM for the speed you want along with your tread diameter in mm's use : (MPH x 8534) / D

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