Fittings are suitable for air or vacuum.

5mm push fit fittings

 1/8" x 5mm banjo
 4.21 1/4"BSP-5mm adapter
 6mm-5mm reducer
 0.64 1/8"BSPM-5mm adapter
 5-5mm straight adapter
 0.88 1/8"BSP-5mm barb
 5mm elbow
 5-5mm stem elbow
 5mm tee
 1.35 5-1/8" stem adapter
 5mm bulkhead
 2.09 5mm tubing nut
 1/8" BSPF-5mm
 1.24 5mm plug
5mm nylon tubing   0.54p per meter, sold in 1/2M quantities

6mm push fit fittings

 1/8" x 6mm banjo
 1.39 1/4"BSP-5mm adapter
 6mm-5mm reducer
 0.64 1/8"BSPM-6mm adapter
 6-6mm straight adapter
 0.92 1/8"BSP-6mm barb
 6mm elbow
 6-6mm stem elbow
 6mm tee
 1.33 6-1/8" stem adapter
 6mm bulkhead
 1.74 6mm plug
 1/8" BSPF-6mm
 1.36 3/8"BSPM-6mm 0.69
6mm nylon tubing   0.56p per meter, sold in 1/2M quantities

Thread only fittings

 Non return valve
 4.48 3/8" BSP plug
 1/4" BSP plug
 0.56 1/8" BSP coupling
 1/8" BSP nipple
 0.32 1/4" BSP nipple
 1/8" BSPM quick release coupling
 4.39 1/4"-1/8" BSP reducing bush
 1/8" BSP sintered silencer
 0.80 1/8" BSP flow restrictor
 1/8" BSP male-female stop
 1.99 1/8"BSPM quick release nipple
1/8" BSPF quick release nipple
 1.11 1/8"BSPM x 3/16" hose tail
 1/8"BSPM x 5/16 hose tail
 0.39 1/4" - 1/4" BSPF coupling
 1/8" BSPM threaded nut
 0.42 Block elbow, 1/8"BSPT
 1/8" BSP washer nylon notch
 1/4" BSP washer nylon notch

For direct air control, with a small modification (subject to change price) can be used for failsafe air. 90mm dia x 40mm long plus air fitting. 4mm stroke, applies roughly 30kg of force if used direct to brake arm with no mechanical gain 75.85

Spring Diaphragm-
Same as above but fitted with a spring and you apply air constantly to equalise the pressure and release the brakes, this system means that if no air is present the brakes will come in, we suggest a mechanical release method on the brakes to allow shunting.  95.70

Diaphragm sheet-
Rayon enforced, approx 1.5mm thick. 100mm x 100mm     0.50

Pressure switch-
1/8"NPT (will screw into 1/8"BSP up to 3mm thick plate. may need NPT tsap for larger) 15A 30VDC changeover contacts. 15-60 PSI. Hysteresis of 20%.  26.86

Vaccum switch-
2-20" Hg, changeover, single pole, 8A 4mm air connection     28.60

Pressure and vacuum gauges-
40mm stainless steel body, panel mounting with 1/8" BSPM connection. Supplied with back fixing bracket. 0-30, 0-60 or 0-100 PSI  10.21 each
0-30" Vacuum  11.59

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