0.4mm thick PVC plastic sheet A4 size. Ideal for window materials  1.20/sheet

100M reel Wire- Multicore wire ideal for layouts and outdoor use, the multicore allows it to easily bend and expand/contract under varying heat conditions without the wire core breaking.

7/0.2mm wire and 16/0.2mm wire in 100M reels.
Multicore stranded wire rated at 1.4A (7/0.2mm) or 4A (16/.02mm) available in single colours or bi-colour. The colours are:-

Black, brown, red, orange, violet, green, blue, yellow, grey, white and pink.

Bi-colour-  (first colour is the sheath colour, second colour the stripe colour)
Red/black, Red/brown, red/green, red/blue, orange/black, orange/red, yellow/black, yellow/red, yellow/green, green/red, violet/red, grey/black, grey/blue, white/black, white/red, pink/black and green/yellow.

7/0.2 suitable for most rail supplies.
7/0.2mm plain colour single reel                             8.24
7/0.2mm plain colour 1 of each colour (11 reels)    77.30  (4.70 saving)
7/0.2mm bi-colour single reel                                 14.88
7/0.2mm bi-colour any 10                                     138.60  (10.20 saving)
16/0.2 ideal for point wires.    
16/0.2mm plain colour single reel                             13.60
16/0.2mm plain colour 1 of each colour (11 reels)    136.12  (11.48 saving)
16/0.2mm bi-colour single reel                                 15.40
16/0.2mm bi-colour any 10                                     141.94  (12.06 saving)

Terminal Block all 12 pole.
2.5mm2, 24 amp, 8mm pitch       0.48 each
6mm2,    32 amp, 10mm pitch     0.54 each
10mm2,  57 amp, 12mm pitch     0.80 each
16mm2,  76 amp, 14.5mm pitch  1.62 each

Pluggable terminal block, all 12 pole/
2.5mm2, 17.5 amp, 8mm pitch        2.76 / pair
4mm2 ,   24 amp,    10mm pitch       3.15 / pair
6mm2,    57 amp,    12mm pitch       5.15 / pair
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