Un-boxed transformers.

6Va     18v           0.3A output suitable for giving 18v for a CDU         5.60
20Va   15v+15v   0.6A each. Suitable for two N gauge controllers      9.50
20Va   15v           1.3A suitable for one 00 gauge controller                 9.50
50Va   15v+15v   1.6A each. Suitable for two 00 gauge controllers      15.27
                                              (or N gauge if running multiple units) 
50Va   15v           3.3A. Suitable for one 0 gauge controller                  15.27
                                        (or 00 if running multiple units)
100Va 15v+15v   3.3A each. Suitable for two 0 gauge controllers         23.50
                                             (or two 00 if running multiple units)

Fully cased power supply:-
In a metal case measuring 150mm wide x 170mm deep x 45mm high. All transformers are fitted with electronic fuses to prevent any damage to the unit caused by short circuits.
Fitted with an illuminated mains switch.
Comes with 1.5M mains cable with 3 pin plug and a 1.5M 12 core cable.
Two x  1.6A 15v controller outputs
one  x   0.3A 18v output for CDU (can be changed to 24v, ideal for SEEP motors)
two  x  1.1A  9v outputs for auxilliary. Ideal for 12v bulbs, gives much longer life.
one  x  2A     12v D.C switch mode supply.

Our CDU uses up to date components and a new circuit design which drastically cuts down on power losses in the CDU circuit, this means more points can be positively fired.  Maximum 24v A.C or 30V D.C                          6.50

Hand controller with feedback.
15v a.c. input, provides a smooth PWM control. Selectable feedback, either very low or on. comes with a 1.2M lead and 240 degree 5 pin plug.                  35.00

Panel mount controller with feedback
15v a.c. input, provides a smooth PWM control. Selectable feedback, either very low or on. Comes with a 0.5M lead                                                          28.00

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