The following are extra to the controller price.
We can make pretty much any handset you could wish for but the following are a selection of the popular ones.

UN1: with key switch, for/neu/rev switch and pot on leads
Bought with controller         11.63
Bought without controller    22.88

UNB1: Same as above but fitted in a box
Bought with controller         12.39
Bought without controller    23.62

FT1: Foot treddle control for speed controllers, mainly for use with kiddie cars, includes key switch, for/neu/rev switch and push pot
Bought with controller         43.50
Bought without controller    

Dynamic braking controllers add     37.62
Spare red pot for FT1  31.23


Pot angle amplifier, this is to shorten the travel/angle that the speed controller needs to be moved to get full control, this is especially useful for joysticks (comes fitted as standard to our own) and for tram type controls where only a small travel is required on the speed control handle/knob    9.40

J1: Joystick with spring return to one end, also has for/neu/rev switch and a key switch for on/off. When released it allows the loco to coast with no power going to the motors
Bought with controller         27.06
Bought without controller    40.00

J1_handsetNow fitted in a black ABS box

J2: Joystick with spring return to centre to give forward and reverse, with a keyswitch for on/off. When released it allows the loco to coast with no power going to the motors.
Bought with controller         37.79
Bought without controller    52.00

Now fitted in a black ABS box

J3: Joystick with power and brake with key switch for on/off and switch for for/neu/rev. Joystick can be set to either spring to centre or into full brake.
Bought with controller         29.62
Bought without controller    43.00

Now fitted in a black ABS box

J4: joystick with 4k7 pot for your own system. Has 20 from centre, the pot can be adjusted to travel any 40 of its travel, other value pots can be supplied. Joystick can be easily set or changed to any of the following: spring return to one end, spring return to centre, spring return to centre from one end only.
Bought with controller         CONTACT US
Bought without controller    CONTACT US

K1: 3 position key combined with on/off and direction for use with unswitched pot, this can be added to any controller except J2. Having this option means you don't need the for/neu/rev switch.
Bought with controller         23.25
Bought without controller    36.00

K2: For use on locos that are driven from both ends, 3 position key combining on/off and direction, not for J2.
Bought with controller         45.00
Bought without controller    58.00

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