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7/0.2mm wire and 16/0.2mm wire.
Multicore stranded wire rated at 1.4A (7/0.2mm) or 4A (16/.02mm) available in single colours or bi-colour. The colours are:-

Black, brown, red, orange, violet, green, blue, yellow, grey, white and pink.

Bi-colour-  (first colour is the sheath colour, second colour the stripe colour)
Red/black, Red/brown, red/green, red/blue, orange/black, orange/red, yellow/black, yellow/red, yellow/green, green/red, violet/red, grey/black, grey/blue, white/black, white/red, pink/black and green/yellow.

7/0.2 suitable for most rail supplies.
7/0.2mm plain colour single reel                             8.24
7/0.2mm plain colour 1 of each colour (11 reels)    77.30  (4.70 saving)
7/0.2mm bi-colour single reel                                 14.88
7/0.2mm bi-colour any 10                                     138.60  (10.20 saving)
16/0.2 ideal for point wires.    
16/0.2mm plain colour single reel                             13.60
16/0.2mm plain colour 1 of each colour (11 reels)    136.12  (11.48 saving)
16/0.2mm bi-colour single reel                                 15.40
16/0.2mm bi-colour any 10                                     141.94  (12.06 saving)

Flexible Tri-rated.
Available in red, black, blue and yellow when cut to length. Also available in white, brown and green/yellow as a 100m reel
2.5mm       1.20p/m     100/  100m reel
6mm          1.90/m   150/  100m reel
10mm       2.50/m    200/ 100m reel

Signal cable. Mutlicore 7/0.2 non screened black outer sheath.
4 core 1.20/m      100/ 100m reel
6 core 1.40/m   115/ 100m reel
8 core 1.60/m   130/ 100m reel
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