Bogie Drawings 7.25" Gauge:
500W, 8-10MPH, 1/4 ton load. Plain side frames.        7.66

Axle Boxes:
2x2x1.5" bored for 17mm ball bearings with 12mm horn slots.  17.00 ea

5" gauge bogie.
The bogies are modular and can range from single axle to four axles. Each axle is powered by two 12v 150w motors and they can be run at 12v or 24v with no alterations.
They contain needle rollers so no need to oil the bearings.
adjustable suspension for multiple weights

Single axle twin motor     325
Double axle bogie (4 motors)   550
Triple axle bogie   (6 motors)   850
Quad axle bogie    (8 motors)   1150

Ready to run 1/4 ton 7.25" gauge 500W powered, air braked bogies.
They measure 22 inches (560mm) long, 12 inches (305mm) wide and 6 inches (152mm) high.

Included in the price for a full powered bogie:
The required speed controller with basic handset, brake diaphragm, and brake arms. Although no brake operating system is offered we recommend 30psi.

A bolster bar is also supplied cut to the length you require (maximum 30") with two mounting holes drilled at your required center to center.

All accessories can be added, if using more than one power bogie dual sockets and link leads will be required.

Available as either an 8 or 10MPH unit

12v 500W 8MPH             766.55
12v 500W 10MPH            716.55
24v 500W 8MPH              708.15
24v 500W 10MPH            658.15
24v 800W  8MPH             1350.00
24v 1500W 10MPH          1350.00
Unpowered with brakes     418.09

All prices include VAT

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