Direct connection into battery lead.
82 x 68mm front panel. 30, 50, 80 or 100 amp      37.86

150 amp Ammeter Sensor
Up to 150 amp maximum can be calibrated suit your application. 12 or 24v, main cable feeds through the sensor - no losses as with shunts. Output readings from seperate sensors can be added together into one meter (meter extra, see below)    47.50

Speed Indicator
Digital input (works in both directions) including 1/4" diameter magnetic pickup, can be self calibrated with a taco. For us to calibrate the speedo we will need to know the wheel tread diameter and all details of the drive system (e.g. motor/gearbox, sprockets and gear sizes) This is the sensor and electronics a meter will still be require, see below.      Please specify 9, 12 or 24V     27.77

Meter is 0-1mA 5V F.S.D.
70 x 60mm 90 scale meter calibrated to suit ammeter or speedo     18.26


7 digit non resettable mechanical counter reading up to 2 decimal places in miles or kilometers. Counter size 32mm x 15mm front panel with 4 digits plus two decimal places. For use with 9, 12,or 24v (please specify)    50.00
Must be used in conjunction with speedo.

(image to come)

Charge Controller
12 or 24v, please specify, just connects between a standard battery charger and your battery, easy to install, it allows you to leave your battery on charge without the risk of overcharging. It can even be left on all winter keeping your battery in top condition and ready to use.    10.00

Battery Sate Indicator
12 or 24V, please specify, can be connected anywhere on your battery system allowing you to keep an eye on your battery status.    14.81

(image to come)
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