Please be aware that all electronic components such as controllers, handsets, ammeters etc are all designed and made in house by us, we may carry stock of the most standard components but in most cases these are made to order and may take between two and three weeks. Mechanical parts such as gears, sprockets springs, etc are normally available to order and carried ex stock.

If you would like any advice on the parts you require, please do not hesitate t
o get in touch, we are open 9-4pm Mon-Wed. We are now in our offsite workshop on Thursdays and Fridays. Visitors are welcome, it is best to contact us first as we are a factory not a shop and sometimes we do not always have someone available to help if you want technical info.

We have a 12 month guarantee on all our products.

We will try our best to repair all our own products no matter what the age. We are sorry but we do not repair any products other than our own. We have no authorised repair shops other than ourselves.

All prices in the list include VAT 20%

There is a minimum card transaction of 10

Please see the order form page for full details on ordering. We charge a maximum of 7 for postage with free postage on orders over 150, except for where stated, please be aware that overseas post (non mainland UK) is CHARGED AT COST

We find that there are many people who do miniature railways also do model railways as well. Well we are no exception, please visit our model railway website to see what models we have available for shows.
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