We are able to offer full service and repairs to all golf trolleys that contain our speed controllers and most trolleys that don't. We are also able to offer advice on motors, controllers, batteries etc to try and pinpoint any problems. We can also supply replacement motor gearboxes for the majority of trolleys though this is priced on an as and when basis.

Our services range from a quick free phone call to offer some basic advise through to complete replacement of systems.

We do however understand that if its not broken (too badly) it doesnt need replacing so we will always attempt a repair first and only if the time taken looks too great will we offer the choice of returning the product at cost or replacing the system with our own most suitable system.

Even if we end up fitting our golf trolley control system to your exisiting trolley to replace a destroyed set up it will cost no more than the parts; at most 33.50 for the controller, 10.50 for the handset and 5 if the lazy switch is wanted giving 48.50 if a complete setup is required, plus a 20 fee to cover the cost of removing the old system and fitting the new. That means that as long as the motor and battery are ok you can rest assured that you can leave a non working unit with us and for no more than 68.50 it will be returned as a fully functional trolley. We will of course always attempt to find the cheapest option through repairs or individual part replacement where possible.

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