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We are pleased to announce that the dry season for our motors is coming to a close, we have a large stock of british built (Parvalux) 150W and 750W motors arriving~21st August
150W motors wills be 82.50 each
750W motors will be 153 each

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If you are building a loco and know roughly what sort of load you want to pull please check out our new "What do I need?" page. It gives a summary of what you will need motor, controller and handset wise along with a list of .
5" gauge ready to run locos
Locos built in house of varying sizes and power


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Features cost saving offers on motors, gears, controllerrs, handsets etc
Model Railway Items
Contains baseboards, wires, connectors, power supplies, controllers etc

Miniature railway items
Contains speed controllers, handsets, motors, gears, springs, pneumatics, bearings, wheels, bogies etc

Shooting gallery items
Dedicated pages for buying new components, booking in repairs and tests. This is primarily a trade page so all prices are plus VAT

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